Frequently Askes Questions
What is the cost of your RPX royalty services?

Our RPX (Royalty Producer X) services are hosted on a separate server for each client. This fundamental infrastructure costs between 100 - 300 EUR per month.

The ongoing costs for royalty services totally depend on the customer's needs and complexity. Our goal is to establish a good workflow and data exchange between us and the customer to reduce labor costs. Some customers may be able to do some workload themselves and others may be happy to outsource the whole royalty process. Therefore, a crisp and detailed scan of your business is necessary to calculate the total cost of service for each company. So please get in touch, we have many, flexible options to work with you.
Can I host Royalty Producer X on my own hardware?
Yes, if you consider this option for security reasons, we are able and willing to find a viable solution. Please be aware that the software is still operated by us, through a RPX royalty service subscription plan. You must provide us with all the necessary means to access your system, so we can operate it.
Do I have access to my copy of the Royalty Producer X software?
Yes, typically our RPX system runs as a Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) solution. It can be accessed from a web browser over the internet 24/7.

We offer the hosting of your software on our own computers in the office as a lower end option, if your workload is not too high. In this case, you will not have access to your software over the internet.
What are the system requirements for running your RPX software?
Our software is based on the latest FileMaker technology and runs on:
  macOS 10.11-10.14
  Windows Pro 7-10

While we typically host RPX for you on a Windows 2016 server, you can buy out the license after the minimum subscription term and install the software on your own hardware.

As every database-centric software, our apps love a fast disc system. So here are our recommendations. They are equal for Macintosh and Windows computers:

   a recent computer, not older than 5 years
   a Core i3 or better processor
   a minimum of 8GB of RAM
   an SSD
 Why do we not charge extra fees for processed sales lines?
Because our software is not running as a cloud service, but on local computers or virtual desktops in the cloud, we do not have to take into account the amount of lines and time needed for data crunching. This is even true when you run our system at a DAAS (Desktop As A Service) provider, as we work with solutions that are offered for a flat rate with constant performance.
Can I buy a perpetual license of Royalty Producer X?
Not directly. We offer a buyout option for customers that used our RPX services for the minimum subscription period of one year.

There different reason for this. First, we offer our FOX software that was designed from scratch to match the royalty needs of most modern companies. FOX already covers some quite complex scenarios and even US Mechanicals and we see it fit for 70-80% of our customers.

When we encountered companies with more complex scenarios in the past 20 years, they often run into the situation where royalty accountants leave the company or there is just not enough time to constantly work with the software. As a result, many companies started working on their royalties only a couple of days before the deadline, leading to time consuming support sessions, where we explained the same things again, every 6 months.

We consequently decided that our customers and ourselves are better of if we take care of the system, at least initially. We offer a buyout option after a one year subscription period because after this time we all can be sure that every scenario has been dealed with accordingly and the software is set up perfectly for an in-house use. Our business model is not based on exhausting support sessions, but our know-how in royalty software and services.
What happens with my data when the subscription ends?
We at OFFICER solutions try to keep our customers as independent as possible. This is also true for our royalty service plans. They do not deprive you from your ownership of data. When you duly stop the subscription after the minimum subscription term of one year, and you do not want to continue working with us, we will export all data as Excel and CSV files and make them available to you at no additional costs.
Does your software communicate via the internet?
Yes. Our software communicates over the internet to secure the following functions:
  • get current exchange rates from floatrates.com
  • deliver royalty statements via email
  • check the license status of your version (subscriptions only)
  • check for available updates to inform the user (no automatic downloads)

Our software only uses standard ports that you use every day for surfing the internet or sending mails. Actually, FOX only downloads information from HTTP servers and sends emails through SMTP servers. We do never read any data from your computer besides:
  • the software version in our software
  • your customer number in our software
  • your currently installed license code in our software

Special case: hosted on a server
Additionally, when you choose our hosting plan for an own virtual private server, the server will be accessible over the internet via a web browser. Only the necessary ports for these services will be open and the system will be secured. Our software saves internal data in an encrypted format. Our staff is trained to keep your data private and every operator has signed an NDA. Only two accounts can access your server: yours and ours.

   Check us out today and let's see what we can do for you.

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