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the royalty system for the rest of us

20 years of expertise leave their marks

As a company, OFFICER solutions has a strong record for deploying specialised systems for independent record labels. In recent years, more and more companies from other industries bought our legacy Royalty Producer software. While being focussed on the music industry, the software still was the best they could get for their needs and money. With Royalty Producer X, we introduce a royalty system that can handle any licensable asset, across multiple industries. As soon as income for intellectual property has to be shared with licensors, Royalty Producer X comes into play.

A modern royalty system for long standing companies and any intellectual property

With Royalty Producer X, all different asset types can be sold individually and independently (e.g. a recording, a photo) or as part of a bundle (e.g. album, photo gallery). Users can even mix different asset types in one bundle: 10 recordings & one movie). They have full freedom to build contract structures that reflect their own way of monetising their various assets. Royalty Producer X paves the way for a digital media world, where the limits of product formats and delivery methods are reinvented very frequently.

Due to our heritage of serving the music industry for over two decades, we developed many features to help long standing record labels move over their classic contract structure into the era of internet music sales. Some artist contracts just can't be renegotiated, so we invested a lot of expertise to find viable solutions for contractual setups like: escalations (sliding shares), PPD vs. NET prices, budget, low budget, sellout deductions and more.

Asset Types

Royalty Producer X can handle any asset type, separately. From a royalty (contract) perspective, each asset type can have its own rules and royalty shares. Here are some examples:

   Recordings (track)

   Publishing (work)






   License (general)

Bundle Any Asset

In Royalty Producer X the user can define any necessary bundle type. Basically, bundles are a list of assets. Assets can be mixed and matched at will. Here are some examples of typical and very special bundles:

    Album (recordings only)
A typical album, based on tracks of one single artist

   Compilation (recordings only)
A compilation has a playlist of tracks from different artists.

   Cue Sheet (publishing only)
A list of publishing works (songs), played during an event or another performance.

   Album with music video (recordings and video)
An album with a track playlist of recordings and a extra music video.

   Album + Book (recordings and book)
A special edition bundle of an artist, containing the album cd and his biography book.

   Multimedia Album App
An app based on pictures, stories and recordings of an artist. The income should be split between the app developer and recording artist.

   Album with extra cover artwork
An artist album where the designer of the cover artwork is paid an extra share for his contribution.

About Us

OFFICER Solutions was born in 1996. Since 2004 we deploy our royalty solutions to a growing international user base. Our customers are located in the Americas, Europe and Asia. We cultivate personal relationships with our user base and our customers have a direct influence on our work.

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