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20 years of expertise leave their marks

As a company, OFFICER solutions has a strong record for deploying specialised systems for independent record labels since 1996. In recent years, more and more companies from other industries opted for software products. While being focussed on the music industry, our software was the best they could get for their needs and money. With Royalty Producer X, we introduce a royalty system that can handle any licensable asset, across multiple industries. As soon as income for intellectual property has to be shared with licensors, Royalty Producer X comes into play. Royalty Producer X is offered with our RPX royalty services, only. If you are looking for an installable royalty software, please have a look at our FOX software product.

Outsource your royalty statement generation and save 90% of the time spent on royalty processing

Entertainment business is fun! Well, most of the time. There is one part of the business that is driving company owners crazy, at least twice a year, when royalty statements have to be created and delivered to impatient artists and other licensors. It does not matter if you do your royalties yourself, as a business owner, or if you instruct an employee to do the task. What if we could free you from most of the work, so you can either be a productive business owner or let your employee do meaningful work that is actually earning money, not losing it?

Enter our RPX royalty services

There is a reason why royalty season is stressful and time consuming. New releases have to be evaluated, contracts reviewed and tons of sales data need to be processed. We went through thousands of royalty seasons with our more than 300 customers in the past 20 years and know everything about the pitfalls one can encounter. They key to stress-free and timely royalty statements is automation and constant flow of data. During development, our main focus was to leverage as much software logic and computing power as possible to reduce the efforts of human beings in the process. So while the resulting software, Royalty Producer X, has some highly complex internals, it is fairly easy to use, considering the mass of automation it can achieve. The whole system is optimised for data import: Metadata, new contacts and accounts and, naturally, sales reports.

RPX services sequence
So how do we reduce the time you have to spend on royalties? To a minimum, as you may expect.

New releases are delivered to us in simple Excel sheets, that build upon your existing, internal workflow
New contacts and accounts (contracts, agreements) are also made available to us with simple Excel sheets
Sales reports are being ingested through the powerful import engine and generally, we process original reports

Simple, streamlined communication is the key to offer you our cost effective services. First, we do a full business scan of your company and workflows. Then we setup your individual system with all necessary templates and preset. Finally, we come up with just a few Excel templates that you can easily fill in.

While Royalty Producer X can handle very complex contract scenarios, the provided Excel templates give you a clean structure and are easy to fill out, just after you signed an agreement. We generally try to integrate our needs into your existing workflows, to keep extra work away from you. For instance, it is easy to deliver the metadata for a new release also to us via a simple email, when it has been prepared for upload to your aggregator / distributor.

By importing most of the necessary data, we reduce manual input to a minimum. This also reduces the possibilities for human errors (which can always occur). If you wish, you can also enter selected data into the system yourself, if you prefer. Royalty Producer X runs on a separate server for each customer and is reachable via a web browser at any time, from everywhere.

The next "big trick" to take away the stress at the end of a royalty period, is by making information flow to us, as soon as it is available. New releases, new agreements, monthly sales reports - all of them should be sent to us, as soon as they are available. We constantly ingest smaller chunks of information during a stress-free period. If there are any questions or issues to solve, we have plenty of time to sort them out. When it finally comes to royalty statement generation, only the computers needs to work (very fast) - not us, not you. By using a sophisticated royalty system, you will be free to set the statement intervals: monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, annual, you name it.

Transparent costs

We charge an initial, one time setup fee that covers the steps to prepare your system. Our ongoing RPX royalty services offer a transparent, comprehensible pricing structure: We charge fixed infrastructure costs and the performed operating hours on a monthly statement. Both costs will be documented on your unified, monthly statement. The minimum subscription period is one year.

We conduct a careful business analysis with every new customer to gather as much data as possible to setup your system. All available assets in your company will be taken into account: Excel sheets, label copies, online data.

We scan through your agreements and build contract templates, accordingly. If the software logic needs refinements to cover your needs, they will be implemented through individual programming.

All recurring, incoming sales reports are evaluated and implemented into the system. Additionally, we find consent for all possible additional reports you may provide to us, like expense reports, special income, etc.

Finally, we will provide you with the necessary templates and cheat sheets that give you a clean structure and workflow to constantly deliver your data to us.

Setup costs are a one time fee that will be invoiced separately, before your RPX system goes live.
  An industry first: Buyout option

As we develop our own royalty systems, we are able to offer you a buyout option of your fully working RPX system at any time, so you can continue where we left, if you wish to.

The system can be provided as a stand alone, installable software solution for Mac OS and Windows computers. A client/server version is also available, at additional costs.

A buyout can be performed after the first subscription year.

The costs of a perpetual software license depend on the used feature set and the amount of administered contacts, accounts, bundles and assets.

We operate a separate server for each RPX customer, hosted in Germany for security reasons (no Google, Azure, Amazon cloud services). Every server runs an individual copy of Royalty Producer X, adapted to the customer's needs.

In some cases, we can offer a lower priced model, where we run your software version on computers in our office, without access from the internet. Please ask for this option.

We take care of daily backups of the system, incoming and outgoing data and keep the system accessible over the internet via a web browser 24/7.

Please note that you can export all of your data at any time and save it on your own computers. The data is always yours, we are paid to ingest it.

Infrastructure costs are a fixed component on your monthly invoice
  Technical Specifications

We rent a powerful server system that is hosted in Germany for security reasons.

While being Mac users since 30 years, we use Windows Server 2016 as the base operating system as it provides the best performance for running our software.

You will have access to your RPX system via a web browser, through the internet and will experience a full desktop that not only runs our software, but also features some crucial tools to view and work with data: Libre Office, Notepad++ and a PDF viewer. So you are not necessarily forced to download information from our server first, in order to just review an Excel file.

This desktop-as-a-service (DaaS) approach also allows us to collaborate on the system, together with our clients.

You might be able to use a lower end option, where we host the software in our offices, without internet access to it. This applies to lighter workloads from smaller companies.

We constantly screen incoming release, contact and account information for new releases and ingest it into the system. A report will be sent to you on completion, so you can validate the process.

We import original sales reports that you send us. Sales reports are converted into your home currency at the exchange rate (or total income in you currency) you provide. Every bundle or asset on a sales line needs to be identified, so sometimes we may have to spend manual work to find the corresponding entries, when incoming reference numbers are unknown. RPX can handle multiple reference numbers per item and we can teach the system new UPCs, EANs, ISRCs, ISWCs, ISBNs and other catalog numbers efficiently, during sales import. If we are unable to identify items, we will sent you a report with the concerned reference numbers and titles for clarification. The corrections will be added to the reports, as soon as we receive your input..

We can ingest special reports to integrate costs, advances and special income (e.g. sublicenses) at any time. These special reports can be either based on account names (contract names) or reference numbers (e.g. EAN, UPC, ISRC) and allow you to insert a free-form info text per line (e.g. "Radio Promotion NPR 2019").

We follow the deadlines according to your contact / account setups. Royalty Statements can be generated in any interval from 1 month to 12 months. The statement interval can be set up per licensor, individually. So you may report to important artists on a monthly basis, while others receive statements only twice a year. An automatic reminder system will inform you and us about upcoming due dates with a list of concerned contacts and accounts.

Our goal is to have statements generated one month ahead of their deadline to offer you and us enough headroom for screening and possible adaptations. Statements can be delivered to you for further dispatch or send out directly from the RPX system, by using your personal email settings.

We document all working hours and list them on your unified, monthly invoice.

Operating costs are a dynamic component on your monthly invoice

In short

  • We can offer cost effective royalty services by using our own, highly flexible software RPX. We do not need to go shopping elsewhere, like other service providers.
  • We ensure a constant flow of information from you to us by providing you simple templates that can be filled in quickly.
  • The necessary data ingestions are evenly segmented into smaller, monthly work steps, allowing enough time for corrections and clarifications.
  • The final statement generation process is fast, as computers do the job. There is always enough time to screen statements and data, before they are sent out to your licensors.

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