Frequently Askes Questions
What are the costs of your FOX software and related services?
We take every single company very serious, even the very small ones. We first listen to the needs of our possible customers and and learn about the business situation and workflow of each company. We then check our possibilities and
send an offer that will meet the customer's needs best, regarding price, feature set and training.

We do this to reduce the time for both, you and us, to find out if our software meets your requirements. We know from our own company history how frustrating it can be when probing a software solution for weeks, just to find out that it just doesn't match. So we do us all a favour and give honest answers when we find a possible deal breaker.

The price for a perpetual license for FOX ranges between 2000 and 5000 EUR, depending on the feature set needed, the count of companies being administered and the number of bundle and assets to work with. A minimum setup fee of 300 EUR is charged for up to 4 hours of setup help, data preparations and initial training, but will always be discussed with the customer ahead of a purchase. This way, we avoid hidden costs for the customers and at the same time prepare ourselves for all the work necessary to make you run.
How much does your support cost?
Every FOX software purchase comes with a certain amount of support credit included. For additional hours we charge 100 EUR / hour, based on 15 minute steps, after a support case is closed.
What are the system requirements for running your FOX software?
Our software is based on the latest FileMaker technology and runs on:
  macOS 10.11-10.14
  Windows Pro 7-10

As every database-centric software, our apps love a fast disc system. So here are our recommendations. They are equal for Macintosh and Windows computers:

   a recent computer, not older than 5 years
   a Core i3 or better processor
   a minimum of 8GB of RAM
   an SSD
On what operating system does your software run?
As our applications are based on the latest FileMaker platform, we officially support the following operating systems:

Windows 10 Pro Edition
Windows 10 Enterprise Edition
Windows 8.1 Standard Edition
Windows 8.1 Pro Edition
Windows 7 SP1 Professional Edition
Windows 7 SP1 Ultimate Edition
macOS Sierra 10.12
macOS High Sierra 10.13
macOS Mojave 10.14
macOS Catalina 10.15 (in preparation)

If your Windows or Mac operating system is not listed here, our software may still run, but we do not officially support it, due to FileMaker's system requirements.

We recommend Windows 10 Pro for Windows computers as Windows 7 support officially ended. Due to Microsoft's update problems in the past, we recommend using at least the Professional Edition, as you can postpone system updates until a time where obvious problems have been ironed out. And yes, Windows Home users are used as guinea pigs by Microsoft. Windows home should stay out of a business environments.
Can I run FOX on my laptop?
Absolutely. Most modern laptops feature SSDs that have much better I/O performance than any hard disk. As with every database, FOX will profit from using an SSD as storage.
How do I backup my data?
All data, the application and resulting documents are saved in one single folder on your computer. You can zip this folder and move the zip file to another location (hard disk, server). You can restore a fully working system by just extracting the folder from the zip onto your computer, again.
Can I use FOX to prepare royalties for multiple companies?
Yes, we offer a Multi-Company option at additional costs, where you can administer contacts, accounts, metadata and statement for different companies in a single system. All outgoing documents can be branded with individual logos and letterheads. The Multi-Company option is charged per additional company. Please contact us for additional information.
How much do you charge for FOX software updates?
Our software is being constantly extended and adapted. Generally, updates are issued twice a year. But we also offer new functions (modules) from time to time that can be ordered separately, when needed (Opt-in).

Software purchase (one time license fee)
Updates are typically released two times a year and made available to every customer with an update subscription: The yearly subscription costs 25% of the original license price and a one year update subscription is covered by the initial purchase. There is no obligation to subscribe to updates in the future, but we highly recommend it as they are really inexpensive for the value you get. As the major operating system vendors Microsoft and Apple have increased their pace for OS updates substantially, we also constantly work to keep our software secure and fit for the future.
What happens when I exceed the licensed number of bundles or assets?
The software will issue warnings when the number of administered bundles or assets are reaching 90% of your license. From there on, you should contact us to upgrade your license. However, the software allows to exceed the licensed number of bundles or assets by 10%. So if you licensed 1000 assets, the software will allow you to enter 1100 assets for your convenience and to avoid interruptions when importing new metadata.

But we highly recommend to upgrade your package as soon as the system issues a warning when nearing the licensed number of bundles/assets.
Does your software communicate via the internet?
Yes. Our software communicates over the internet to secure the following functions:
  • get current exchange rates from
  • deliver royalty statements via email
  • check the license status of your version (subscriptions only)
  • check for available updates to inform the user (no automatic downloads)

Our software only uses standard ports that you use every day for surfing the internet or sending mails. Actually, FOX only downloads information from HTTP servers and sends emails through SMTP servers. We do never read any data from your computer besides:
  • the software version in our software
  • your customer number in our software
  • your currently installed license code in our software
Why do we not charge extra fees for processed sales lines?
Because our FOX software is not running as a cloud service, but on local computers or virtual desktops in the cloud, we do not have to take into account the amount of lines and time needed for data crunching. This is even true when you run our system at a DAAS (Desktop As A Service) provider, as we work with solutions that are offered for a flat rate with constant performance.

   Check us out today and let's see what we can do for you.

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