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your choice: local installation or hosted in the cloud

A fundamental statement from OFFICER solutions

While we definitely embrace lots of the achievements in cloud services for the consumer marketplace, we strongly believe that a business owner has a different view on these developments. We at OFFICER solutions try to keep our customers as independent as possible when it comes to royalty administration. We sell our products as timely unrestricted software licenses, so you can use the software forever. Or you can rent your royalty solution from us. But even our monthly subscription plans do not deprive you from your ownership of data. When you stop the subscription, the software goes into read-only mode and you can still access and export all data you accumulated over time.

A dying species: software you can actually own.

We do not force you into any financial black box: You can BUY our software or RENT it.
We do not dictate how you use our software: On your PERSONAL COMPUTER or in the CLOUD, as a "Desktop As A Service" deployment.

Below, you can find our deployment options we offer independently from your choice of buying a perpetual license or renting software via a monthly subscription.

  on your own personal computer

Our apps were built with speed in mind. Nevertheless, the software has to deal with lots of data and big files. As every database-centric software, it loves a fast disc system. So here are our recommendations. They are equal for Macintosh and Windows computers:

    a recent computer, not older than 4 years
    a Core i3 or better processor
    a minimum of 8GB of RAM
   an SSD (highly recommended)

We do not recommend using Windows 10 Home in a professional business environment, based on the history of problems with automatic updates from Microsoft. Windows 10 Pro allows the user to postpone updates to a later, safer date, when all obvious bugs are already ironed out. As Microsoft phased out support for Windows 7, the best recommendation for Windows users is Windows 10 Pro.

Our software runs on:
  macOS 10.11-10.14
  Windows Pro 7-10

  • You have full control over your application and data.
  • No additional, monthly costs.
  • Software can be moved easily to another computer

  • Application can only be used locally, on the computer it is installed on.
  • You have to take care about a backup plan, yourself
  • Computer performance can vary, if the computer is used for other intensive tasks during royalty statement generation or when importing large data sets.

  on your own desktop in the cloud (DaaS)

We work with 3rd party companies that offer great performing Desktop As A Service solutions (DaaS) to offer customers either a Windows or a Mac Desktop.

You may be happy with less power, but here is what we are generally using as DaaS systems and we are very statisfied with the overall performance:

    2 processor cores
    4-8 GB RAM
   SSD / Fusion Drive

Using a DaaS service costs between 30 and 40 EUR per month (without our license costs). The services can be used from any Windows, Mac or Linux computer via a modern web browser. You can either deploy your purchased or rented software on the DaaS system.

Please be aware that we do not offer "shared" solutions, where you may have to tolerate speed penalties because of other users using the same system. You get a full blown, secure, speedy desktop with a high band width internet connection that can be reached from a web browser on any computer in the world. We prepare your desktop and install all necessary applications, as well as a backup strategy to be ready for use.

The DaaS services we use do not impose any limits on usage time. If you need support for managing your desktop, our standard support fees will be applied.

  • Any team member can use the software and the necessary sales and report files from any place in the world
  • This is a personal desktop in the cloud, not a huge cloud system, shared with others
  • Constant, guaranteed performance, your computer takes no performance hit
  • Royalty calculations can run unattended and you will receive an email upon completion
  • Great down- and upload speeds enhances productivity with big files
  • Secure, 99.99% uptime, automatic backups
  • Can be cancelled at any time
  • Your software can be moved to a real computer, easily

  • Additional, monthly costs

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About Us

OFFICER Solutions was born in 1996. Since 2004 we deploy our royalty solutions to a growing international user base. Our customers are located in the Americas, Europe and Asia. We cultivate personal relationships with our user base and our customers have a direct influence on our work.

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