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We offer product support via email, phone and remote access. In certain cases we can work on-site at your company, when tight cooperation with your staff is necessary and fruitful for you. We charge 100 EUR per hour for online training and support.

We conduct extensive talks with each new customer to determine their needs and to offer a reliable quote for both, the software license and training / import work necessary to get a fully working royalty system. So every new software purchase comes with specific hours of training included to get you started as smooth as possible.
Our software is being constantly extended and adapted. Generally, updates are issued twice a year. But we also offer new functions (modules) from time to time that can be ordered separately, when needed (Opt-in).

Software purchase (one time license fee)
Updates are free during the first year of software usage. After the first year, updates are sold at between 10% and 20% of the original license cost. There is no obligation to buy updates in the future, but we highly recommend it as they are really inexpensive for the value you get. When available, new features are offered to our customers and they can buy them separately (no obligation). As the major operating system vendors Microsoft and Apple have increased their pace for OS updates substantially, we also constantly work to keep our software updated and fit for the future.

License Subscription
During the term of a license subscription, all updates are included. The minimum term of a license subscription is one year. You will always run the newest software. When new features are available, we will offer them to you as an option. If you opt-in for new features, the monthly subscription fee will be raised accordingly. There is no obligation to buy new features if you don't need them.
   Royalty Services
Some companies do not have the resources to deal with the ever growing amount of data, some of them just want to focus on their real business. For these customers we are offering royalty services based on our software products at very competitive rates. Please contact us to learn what data standards we need from you and what the costs are.

We are also developing a partner network for royalty services. Please feel free to talk to us, if you are either interested in offering royalty services through our software or if you want to use one of our partners.
   Custom Development
We have 20 years of experience in developing complex business solutions for the entertainment industry. Our expertise can help you solve many workflow problems.

We offer special licenses for customers who need customized, individual systems. For an elevated license fee, our software can be delivered with a master password, so any FileMaker programmer can extend the feature set. Naturally, we can add adaptions ourselves. Our rates are very competitive and we usually work faster, as we are the original developers.

Here are some examples of what individual extensions can be useful for:
• statement layouts
• special sales import functions
• connections to existing business systems and databases on your network
• connections to online systems on the internet
• company specific data entry or workflow systems that relate to metadata or contractual information

   Check us out today and let's see what we can do for you.

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OFFICER Solutions was born in 1996. Since 2004 we deploy our royalty solutions to a growing international user base. Our customers are located in the Americas, Europe and Asia. We cultivate personal relationships with our user base and our customers have a direct influence on our work.

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